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Hertrich GmbH Elektronic Development and Manufacturing

Hertrich GmbH is your partner in development and manufacturing of electronic solutions.

From software-development, prototype-development until serial production we offer custom made products.

Our wide experience in all kind of branches makes us a vital team member in every step of your project.

As specialist in Electronic Manufacturing Services we are based in Germany, one of Europes economical strongest countries with the highest quality in exports, manufacturing standards and expertise.

With 38 years in business Hertrich GmbH has built a network of high quality suppliers in Germany, Europe and world-wide that allows us to react in every detail and with high flexibility to our customers needs.

Especially in the fields of industry engineering, microchip controlling, display and control units, control tasks, electronic for devices and machines and lighting electronic we offer our customers a significant competitive advantage through long term experience and know-how.

our electronic. your solution.

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