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Hertrich GmbH covers you in all services of electronic development and manufacturing. We take over the complete hard- and software development, according to your personal requests. Therefore we offer a detailed development of prototypes, in which we involve our customers in every step of the project.

The earlier you get in touch with us in phases of development, the earlier we can plan together the end-product.

With it's own Reflow Production Line , multiple automatic SMD machines and a automatic wave soldering machine

Hertrich GmbH owns the perfect tools to realize your idea of prototype, small series and serial production. Our strategic purchasing department offers an effective material sourcing, based on reliable, innovative and flexible suppliers.

To guarantee sophisticated products we offer to our customers the development of test equipment and testing procedures on an individual basis. Hertrich GmbH always secures the strict adherence of governmental guidelines e.g. RoHS II and REACh.

our electronic. your solution.

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